Domain extensions that take your brand to the next level.

About us

Intercap Registry Inc. is a global provider of domain extensions that help businesses take their brands to the next level. Each extension provides an opportunity to enhance your brand with a domain that fits your business.

Intercap Registry Inc. offers four incredible domain extensions centered on business:

.inc, launched in Spring 2019, and quickly received registrations from over 35% of the world's most recognized brands. This domain ending gives your business instant credibility as a professional entity. Millions of businesses around the world end with “inc” now your website can too.

.dealer, launched in Spring 2020, as the ideal domain ending for retail business. No matter your industry if you are an authorized retailer you are an authorized dealer.

.box, launched in January 2024, .box is the first of it’s kind: one domain fully integrated with two technologies (Internet and Blockchain). .box domains work seamlessly with both the Domain Name System (DNS) and the Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

.llp, launching in 2024.